CSL chooses Interxion for resilience and reliability

6 November 2020

The CSL Group are market leaders in providing secure connectivity solutions to the fire, security and telecare sectors. Founded in the UK in 1996, the company now operates globally, working with Mobile Network Operators to provide complete end-to-end connectivity services for over 1 million M2M/IoT devices throughout the world.

CSL handles over 4 billion events each month and securely collates data ready to push to portals which provide real-time visibility on the status of a connected device. This is all backed-up by 24/7 managed support services to ensure maximum availability, reliability and customer service.

In order to deliver these services at scale, with the reliability customers demand and redundancy regulators require, CSL needs a data centre services provider that can deliver 100% availability, while also enabling CSL to operate securely and maintain compliance with rigorous industry standards.

That’s exactly what Interxion provide - from 24/7 monitoring and alarms for every critical system to incident management and business continuity management, Interxion operate in full accordance with the ITILv3 framework, ensuring high levels of redundancy and service assurance are built in to any and all agreements.

Data centres and connectivity play hand in hand, but unlike some sectors and applications that are able to operate and run workloads in the public cloud, CSL requires an approach that builds in greater levels of security and resiliency, and can keep up to date with their evolving needs.

While CSL is already a leader in its field, the company has and continues to grow at pace. In recent years they have acquired other businesses of strategic importance to help address a growing market for its products and services.

But while those acquisitions may have brought new customers and IP in to the company, it also brought new complexity, with workloads running in 11 data centres across the country, some of which weren’t providing the level of service CSL required.

As part of a long-term transformation project to consolidate the businesses infrastructure needs and set the company up with a strong and reliable foundation for future growth, CSL took the decision to migrate those workloads into four sites.

Having had a positive experience with Interxion in Ireland, CSL opted to replicate and migrate those workloads to Interxion’s London campus.

As the most connected carrier colocation hub in central London, Interxion’s London data centre campus attracts a rich diversity of global and national connectivity providers. Home to over 90 carriers, a LINX (London Internet Exchange) core node, BT’s IP Network as well as all the leading CDN’s, Interxion London provides the perfect platform to peer with other providers, distribute content and provide services to an extensive customer community.  By putting carriers close to customers like CSL, Interxion enables businesses to partner with the networks that will deliver the right performance for them at the right price.

Interxion’s pioneering modular data centre approach also enables rapid and efficient expansion. For growing businesses like CSL, that means significant flexibility in how footprints can be extended and how space can best be utilised.

CSL’s experience of migrating workloads to the London campus was as smooth and easy as they’d found working with Interxion previously. In fact some 40,000 live devices, all requiring mission critical connectivity, were migrated across to Interxion data centres without any issues or disruption to the business.

“In the past we’d found dealing with Interxion was smooth and easy, so when the decision came to consolidating and updating our infrastructure, Interxion was our first choice. Some of the previous locations we’d been using had suffered with outages and were painful to deal with, but the Interxion team have delivered what we needed with no issues, with great service to boot. We asked for high levels of connectivity with more resiliency, more availability, and quality of service, and that’s exactly what they have provided,” said Santosh Chandorkar, IT Director at CSL.

With workloads running safely at Interxion London, the strict industry standards that require 100% availability can be met without any issues, in stark contrast to CSL’s previous partners who had suffered a spate of outages.

Interxion is able to provide CSL the network connectivity, security, and compliance required with plenty of redundancy, which in turn enables the company to offer its customers the high quality of service they have come to expect. Not only that, but as the company continues to grow, the presence in Interxion’s London data centre campus can be scaled to support with disruption, delay, or detrimental impact to customers.

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