AI Ready Data Centres

Don’t let your data center hold back your AI deployments. Interxion is a certified member of the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Centre Programme and our facilities are built to support AI, deep learning and hybrid cloud workflows.

Data centres

With the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center Program, built on NVIDIA DGX™ Systems and delivered by NVIDIA partners, you can simplify your deployment with an affordable opex model—accelerating your AI mission and freeing you to focus on insights and innovation.

Connectivity for your Business

Interxion’s data centres offer widest choice of connectivity across Europe with direct connections to all major hyperscale cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, Oracle and IBM for optimal performance for your applications.


Getting AI Right Requires a Powerful Infrastructure

Businesses are under a lot of pressure to get their AI strategies right. However, when it comes to implementing these initiatives, they still face a fundamental challenge: the technology and infrastructure required to support it are unique and complex.