Interxion is the interconnection hub for the world’s digital businesses. We provide high performance, secure and reliable data centres for colocation and connectivity which allows businesses to meet and deliver optimum performance and reach new markets.

Our carrier-neutral data centres bring together more than 700 connectivity providers offering our customers choice and value over internet services providers, cloud interconnect, network and internet exchanges.



Data centre Interconnection

  • Extend your portfolio and connect to partners and providers of choice through our carrier neutral data centres
  • Reduce latency and minimise costs with our portfolio of cross connects
  • Leverage a single point of contact for colocation, cloud interconnect and network services.
  • Access on-demand Internet Exchanges locally and remotely
  • Point-to-point connectivity service through one global data centre provider

Data centre interconnect options

Cloud Connect

Cloud Connect

The fastest, easiest & most secure connection to your clouds

Cross connect

Cross Connect

Minimise costs, reduce latency & improve application performance

IX Peering

IX Peering

Reduce costs of handling Internet traffic & optimise network performance

Virtual Connect

Virtual Connect

Virtually interconnect with customers, partners and our data centres across EMEA . 

Your Questions Answered

What is data centre interconnection?

Data centre interconnection acts as value add when looking for a data centre provider. It creates a tailored approach for each customer and their business requirements. So why does data centre interconnection matter? The element of interconnection creates opportunities for businesses to connect to an array of service providers and eliminate data bottlenecks when it comes down to data management, exchange and distribution.

What is the business value of interconnection?

Businesses today are looking for ways to increase and connect to multiple networks while participating in increasingly interconnected digital supply chains. Our interconnection services creates an ecosystem of networks, clouds, service providers and point-to-point connectivity services so that you can expand and scale your business globally. 

How do I know where my data is?

If you’re concerned about data sovereignty, you can host your data in one of our UK data centres. Explore our London Data centres

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