Remote hands services

Remote hands services enable customers to leverage Interxion operational staff to perform daily tasks within our data centres. They offer a cost-effective alternative to in-house staff or can supplement your existing teams. From standard troubleshooting to cabling and testing, Interxion offers a range of remote hands data centre services to keep your business running round the clock.

What are remote hands services?

Remote hands services offer round-the-clock troubleshooting and maintenance without the need for a full-time human presence on-site. Every business is vulnerable to technical faults, and they don’t always occur during business hours. This is where remote support can help.

Why is remote technical support essential for businesses?


Downtime is critical for any business, whether it prevents sales or hinders staff teams. With a remote support service, you can guarantee extra assurance, including:

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More time and resources

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Device monitoring

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Faster reconnections

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Power status verification


Remote technical support services at Interxion


Remote hands service options

Remote hands are available via different service pricing options dependent upon requested service.
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Remote Hands Factsheet

To know more about Interxion Remote Hands, download our factsheet

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Remote hands are available via different service pricing options dependent upon requested service. Save money, reduce downtime and get more value from your resources. It all comes easily with remote hands services.
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