Thrive in Challenging Times with AI - Webinar

Amidst unprecedented times and an increasingly challenging economic environment it’s imperative for businesses to prioritise digitalisation to protect customer loyalty, reduce costs where possible, and rise above competitors. Artificial intelligence (AI) is uniquely poised to help businesses achieve all three objectives, but many enterprises do not know how to effectively translate design to operation.

Leveraging AI requires an enterprise-ready data and infrastructure strategy, but unfortunately, 76% of businesses regard infrastructure as an obstacle to AI success. In fact, we often see enterprises investing in AI development, but they never actually reach the deployment phase, which is a waste of time, resources and money. To help businesses get a better sense of how to effectively leverage AI, Interxion recently hosted a webinar illustrating how to improve the end to end production from artisanal AI to mechanised AI that can be integrated into any standard IT operations within the enterprise.