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Your Infrastructure Blueprint to Becoming a Data-Centric Retailer

Is your IT infrastructure struggling to keep up with the retail revolution – and the mountains of data your organisation collects and processes?

The solution is to adopt a data-centric architecture that can defy the effects of increasing data gravity, while optimising data exchange to reduce bandwidth usage and costs. With this infrastructure in place, your organisation can also secure data near customers, unleashing the performance of data-rich applications and unlocking revenue growth.

Three steps to optimising retail data exchange

At Interxion, we have developed and perfected such an architecture – and created a blueprint to help IT leaders in the retail industry adopt it. 

Our blueprint explains how to:

1. Improve application performance and user experience, while maintaining compliance and data sovereignty, with our guide to implementing data staging and aggregation

2. Optimise data exchange between users, things, networks and clouds by integrating public and private data sources 

3. Enable real-time intelligence across distributed workflows locally and globally by hosting data and analytics that are adjacent to network entry and exit points.

Interxion’s Optimising Retail Data Exchange Blueprint is part of our library of solution briefs, blueprints and design guides that detail how to adopt our Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx™).

Download the blueprint now to discover how to remove data gravity barriers, scale and secure your data, and help your organisation unlock its true growth potential.


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