The Infrastructure Imperative

Augmenting and Optimizing Your Remote Workforce To Enable A Digital Workplace

Before March of 2020, digital transformation strategies and work-from-home opportunities were a hot topic. Now, they’re catalysts in a global trend of rapid and accelerated change.

According to 451 research, this new reality caused an immediate and impending disruption of operations, including:

  • A reduction of access to clients and prospects
  • A reduction in employee productivity
  • A strain on internal IT processes
  • A strain on access to services

Join us for a comprehensive look into the sudden changes in today’s workplace climate that expanded the remote workforce and generated a new wave of digital transformation.

Whether you began your transition before everything changed, or you’re forced to address it now, learn what's required to reboot and accelerate today’s digital transformation demands.


Original air date: June 9, 2020