How to move to the cloud

The role of cloud as an IT delivery platform is now accepted by many CIOs, IT directors and IT organisations, who recognise the flexibility and scalability advantages. Cloud implementation has been quick and has been driven mainly by Business Units (BU) rather than IT, and that brings challenges that need to be addressed.

The potential benefits for an enterprise from the effective use of cloud are substantial. However, these benefits, like all infrastructure changes, need to be understood, planned and valid goals must be set in order to ensure that they do deliver on their promise. A systems integrator can help with this.

This paper looks at the practical issues for moving applications to the cloud. It addresses the need to choose the applications carefully and how to decide what type of cloud platform is suitable for delivering cloud benefits.

The issues covered include:

  • What applications go where?
  • What type of cloud deployment model is most appropriate?
  • Choosing the migration paths to the cloud
  • What are the service requirements for cloud?
  • How to assess the return on investment (ROI)

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