Control cost without compromising quality

Maintaining your own data centres is expensive. You have to pay for space, equipment, staff and infrastructure.

Colocation is a valuable alternative. Interxion offers budget flexibility, because you can choose where to store different types of data based on what makes the most financial sense. You can also access a single connection to a multi-cloud environment, which can reduce overall networking costs by 30-50 percent.

Combining a public and private cloud allows you to scale up your requirements without the significant cost input of investing in private facilities. Without the burden of build and management, you can retain control of CAPEX costs and revenue opportunities. As a result, you can grow strategically.


Guide: How to deliver business value with hybrid cloud

As businesses continually look for new ways to reduce costs and build revenue, the rise of hybrid cloud has an increasingly pivotal role to play. Colocating data reduces CAPEX costs, providing access to data centre services without the cost of investing in capital-intensive data centre build and management.