Regain control over your IT security

Security in the public cloud can feel risky. You want the cloud’s performance benefits, but also want close control over how your corporate data is secured.

With colocation, you can have both. Interxion restores your control of IT security. You can avoid the public internet and instead connect to the cloud via a secure, private connection. You can even interconnect to the cloud within the same data centre, covered by a 99.999% SLA.

As a result, you gain the power to decide where to store your corporation’s most sensitive information and assets. You can extend your reach through secure data centres that comply with international standards, provide multiple levels of redundancy, and secure assurance. That means less time worrying about security, and more time focusing on business growth.


Getting physical with hybrid cloud security

In this whitepaper we outline how Interxion’s Cloud Connect service offers enterprises the most secure and resilient hybrid cloud solution. Combining robust physical security, round the clock maintenance and support, and more than enough redundancy to cope with the unexpected, Interxion’s colocation data centres help enterprises realise the true potential of hybrid cloud.