What Infrastructure is Required to Enable Enterprise AI?

From healthcare to robotics, financial services to autonomous vehicles (AVs), enterprises in highly competitive markets are already reaping the rewards of investing in artificial intelligence (AI). AI brings tangible value to businesses, helping increase productivity, deliver new strategic insights and improve customer experience. Perhaps just as importantly, these early AI adopters are also gaining a competitive edge. Enterprises who haven’t yet incorporated AI into their strategy simply can’t keep up with the pace of AI-enabled innovation. It’s time to invest in AI strategy – or risk being left behind.

Implementing AI strategy is easier said than done, however. The infrastructure and technology required to support AI initiatives are complex, including needing a vast amount of processing power and the ability to transfer large amounts of data. Not only do enterprises need the ability to access the large volume of data generated from IoT/5G devices, but they also need infrastructure capable of realising value from that data through computation and data processing. Existing enterprise infrastructures aren’t typically prepared to handle the demand. In fact, 45% of enterprises say their current infrastructure isn’t capable of meeting future demands for AI workloads.

As a result, enterprises hoping to implement an AI strategy need to take a closer look at the technical requirements and make sure their infrastructure is evolving to meet the demands of the technology. Designing infrastructure capable of supporting AI is challenging, but it’s important to get it right from the start, since rearchitecting or moving the AI deployment would come at a significant cost, in terms of time, money and resources.

So, what exactly should an AI-ready infrastructure look like? It all starts with a powerful, connected, highly-performant environment, hosted in a third-party colocation data centre. As a colocation provider for NVIDIA’s DGX-Ready Data Centre Program, Interxion offers enterprises the perfect location to develop and scale their AI offerings.

In our Enterprise AI whitepaper, “Building Powerful Enterprise AI Infrastructure: How to design enduring infrastructure for AI,” we cover everything enterprises need to know about establishing infrastructure for AI, including:

  • The requirements of an ideal infrastructure for leveraging data and enabling AI
  • Options for deploying AI workloads at scale
  • The importance of partnering with providers who have proven experience building AI infrastructure
  • The role of third-party colocation data centres in solving major IT infrastructure challenges
  • How NVIDIA and Interxion work together to provide everything enterprises need to develop and scale their AI programmes

To learn more about the type of infrastructure enterprises need in order to realise value from their AI mission, download the Enterprise AI whitepaper.

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