AI & Digital Transformation

As many companies are accelerating their digital transformation AI is becoming a critical driver of innovation, increased efficiency and seamless customer experience.

Designing an infrastructure capable of leveraging the data for AI is complex and challenging in many instances. Interxion and its partners can help you solve some of the major IT infrastructure challenges and accelerate your AI ambitions.


Don’t let your data centre hold back your AI deployments


As a colocation provider for NVIDIA’s DGX-Ready Data Centre Program, Interxion offers enterprises the perfect location to develop and scale your AI offerings. Our facilities are built to support AI, deep learning and hybrid cloud workflows.

Accelerating Business Innovation with AI PaaS

Accelerating Business Innovation with AI PaaS

A deep-dive into how IT leaders can best leverage AI Platform-as-a Service to accelerate businesses digital transformation and create a future-proof foundation for their IT infrastructure.
Thrive in Challenging Times with AI

Thrive in Challenging Times with AI

With 63% of enterprises reporting increased revenue by simply incorporating AI, how do you manage the explosion of data and accelerate your AI ambitions?
What Infrastructure is Required to Enable Enterprise AI?


From finance to healthcare enterprises in highly competitive markets are already reaping the rewards of investing in AI; but what exactly should an AI-ready infrastructure look like? 
AI High Performance Computing Services

Test Drive Today

Our Try and Buy Sessions utilise NVIDIA DGX – 1GPU super computers, and are available for an agreed time period for your organisation to evaluate the technology with your own data scientists.

Two-Thirds of European Enterprises are Actively Using or Testing Artificial Intelligence (AI) Today

Interxion has conducted The Artificial Intelligence in Europe study with the research institute Research in Action surveying 2,100 IT decision-makers from Germany, the UK, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark and Sweden in order to find out how enterprises are leveraging AI.

How are enterprises primarily implementing solutions?

The biggest infrastructural bottlenecks stopping AI implementations

Two-Thirds of European Enterprises are Actively Using or Testing AI