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Interxion helps you capitalize on your opportunities in Europe, providing flexible, future proof solutions designed to meet your evolving business needs.

Our data centres are gateways to emerging markets and landing stations for major continental subsea cables. Interxion is the platform for extending your reach into new domestic, regional and international markets.

“It is very important to choose the right partner. We cannot afford to make any mistake while taking our first step in a new region.” – IT influencer at a US based cloud service provider"

451 Research surveyed 250 US-based IT decision-makers who were actively seeking to enter or expand their company’s presence in the European market. They asked respondents their thoughts about removing risk by working with local partners and found that many will not be embarking on their European journey alone.

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Key Locations



Strategically positioned on the data and trading highways between Europe and the USA, Dublin is an important landing point for international organisations into Europe.

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Our Marseille campus is the gateway to emerging markets in Africa, Asia and the Middle East and a landing station for major continental subsea cables.

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Stockholm is the strategic location for reaching Northern Europe, Russia and the Baltics. Our campus is the Nordic centre of the online gaming universe.  

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Vienna is an important gateway to the central and eastern European regions and Turkey, offering unique connectivity as one of the best-connected locations in Europe.

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Is your organization expanding into europe? contact us to see how interxion can help you find the best solution for your business needs.