Security as a Service Providers

Gain the Home Advantage in Your Move to Europe

Expanding your business abroad will help you access new customers and build your brand. A carefully planned, future proofed IT strategy for new markets can have a significant impact on your ability to succeed.

For companies providing security as a service, your data center operations underpins your entire service offering, and choosing the right colocation partner can mean the difference between success and failure.

Interxion is the expert in European colocation. With our pan-European data center footprint and 20 years of experience, Interxion can help you gain the home advantage in Europe.

The Digital Security Specialist's Guide to Colocating in Europe


From differing data protection laws to languages, Europe is not without its complexities. Download our guide for a list of what to consider when entering the European market, and how choosing the right colocation provider can help you grow your business on the continent.

In this guide, we walk you through

  • How data centers can be a strategic asset for Security as service companies seek to expand in Europe
  • Considerations for where to locate your IT equipment on the continent
  • 20 questions to ask before you decide on a colocation partner

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30 Minute Assessment

Speak to our SaaS Colocation Expert, Harm Joosse, on how to successfully land and expand in Europe. Harm will assess your current situation and provide guidance and advice around three focus areas for colocating in Europe:

Cultural integration
Legal matters
Infrastructure migration

Following the consultation, Harm will provide you with a short report containing practical recommendations based on your current situation that will help your business expand into Europe.