iGaming and Interxion Datacenters:
the perfect pair

Interxion is the only independent data centre provider that offers infrastructure and network
services for iGaming in the Netherlands. Our data centres in Amsterdam meet all technical and
legal requirements for online gambling and are part of the 55 strongly connected data centres
across Europe.

  • What is essential for an online gambling platform?
  • The world’s leading publicly listed online gaming platform chose Interxion

A winning combination for bwin


Interxion provides the perfect playground for iGaming: security, interconnectivity, cloud and ultra-low latency with 99.999% uptime

We’re led by innovators in data centre design and operations, and over the years many of our practices have become standard across the industry. Our solutions are therefore greatly beneficial for the iGaming market. The global iGaming sector is growing faster than ever before. This creates very specific needs for iGaming companies and solution providers when it comes to selecting co-location providers.

Interxion knows the iGaming ecosystem and understands the needs and challenges regarding the technical and legal requirements. Our innovatively designed, highly resilient data centre services offer the ideal ecosystem for online gambling, including Connectivity Providers, Game providers, Operations and Payment Providers.

Moreover, with one secure private layer 2 connection and Interxion's Cloud Connect, you can easily access all major cloud providers such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Oracle Cloud.

The 9 data centres in Amsterdam are future-proof for iGaming trends such as live stream gambling, omni-channel gambling, mobile adaptation, artificial intelligence (AI), VR, machine learning and user experience developments.

Interxion simplify the challenge by making secure, highly connected data centres available for the online gambling sector in all major western European countries. Customers of Interxion are major international iGaming players in this constantly evolving and growing market. Interxion already collaborates with world-leading iGaming companies for many years, such as bwin. But also, online providers of casinos, sports/ event betting, poker, bingo and other game platforms.

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Case Study bwin: the leading iGaming operator

A Winning Combination for Bwin

Since 2004 bwin have housed their equipment with Interxion Austria. When they outgrew their existing space, they conducted new research into potential data centre providers. Interxion came out on top, not just in Austria but in France as well.

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Legally, the must-have location for your control database

The Dutch online gaming legislation is changing. The Dutch government has adopted the Distance Gambling Act, which will open the Dutch online gambling market by 2021. Because of compliance reasons, it is necessary to locate your control database physically in the Netherlands. This is a requirement for iGaming providers. Interxion is the only independent data centre provider that offers infrastructure and network services for iGaming in the Netherlands. Interxion provides an end-to-end solution for the online gambling industry and has the most important key certificates.


Trump cards & solutions

Interxion’s data centres not only monitor and secure your data but they also act as a reliable
gateway to other cloud technologies and services, which serve the unique requirements of the
iGaming sector:


Hybrid cloud

We provide the ideal environment for connecting to the cloud and building your hybrid solutions. All the ingredients are there: the hyperscale public clouds, local cloud providers, network density, and interconnection services.


Flexible & scalable capacity

Scalability: downscale and upscale. Part of the Interxion solutions can also be stored in the cloud. During peak play times, such as matches, you are ensured of the capability of Interxion. A high volume of payment transactions is no problem. You will still be provided with the best speed and connection.


Security & Privacy

The highest-level security so you comply with all regulations, with its own secure connection to the public cloud and collocated clouds for critical data. Your infrastructure is secure in the data centres of Interxion.


Perfect customer service

The data centres of Interxion offer the perfect customer service to clients. Consider the user-friendliness, a customer portal and 24/7 hands & eyes, but also the fastest connections and connectivity. There has never been any downtime on the platform.



Nearly 20 years of experience means that Interxion guarantees consistent design and operational excellence to existing online gambling customers. With one contract you have access to all Interxion data centres throughout Europe. If there is already a contract, legal and compliance processes run faster and smoother. Allowing you to do business in the Netherlands easily and quickly.


Direct connection with payment providers

Interxion can quickly connect to all major game providers and other solution providers, such as payment providers. The Interxion partner ecosystem gives you a competitive advantage in the iGaming market.

Special technical requirements

The increasing iGaming market in the Netherlands is creating a growing demand for new technical requirements. iGaming companies need dedicated infrastructure or public cloud to provide online gaming facilities. Interxion offers a dedicated infrastructure, secure connectivity with hyper-scalable cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, the cloud connection for "bursts" and global high-end service.



“There is a lot of demand from entertainment such as gaming and online gambling. Last month, the new Shadow game platform launched on the Amsterdam Schiphol Campus."

Piet Sjoukes
Sales & Marketing director, Interxion

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The modern facilities of Interxion, especially for the online gaming industry, are supported by a
team of iGaming experts with exceptional knowledge, experience and technical skills that are
required for this upcoming legal online gambling industry in the Netherlands.

“The Interxion team is very professional – everyone understands fast and reacts
promptly and flexibly to our specific requirements”.

- Christian Schöll, Projectmanager bwin.