A future-proof home  for your enterprise IT

Today, managing your enterprise IT is becoming more and more complex. In addition to dealing with traditional challenges about infrastructure resiliency, you need to get your business cloud ready and pursue your digital transformation.

>700 Connectivity Providers

>450 Cloud Providers

>50 Data Centres

99.999% Availability


Call us on +800 00 999 222 to find out what value Interxion can deliver to your business 

Call us on +800 00 999 222

Call us on +800 00 999 222

Protect your business

Traditional data centres no longer support the flexibility and interconnectivity needs of modern businesses. Colocating your infrastructure within our industry-leading data centres, will take you to new heights of efficiency, networking and sourcing structures.

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Cost Effective

Reduce your capital expenditure and increase agility in terms of planning cycles.



Create robust infrastructure solutions with individually redundant security levels based on your needs.



99.999% uptime SLA based on proven Monte Carlo Simulations.

Interconnect with the cloud

Once your own infrastructure is in a safe home, our Cloud Connect service interconnects you directly to the cloud service providers of your choice.
With direct connections to leading cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services, you overcome the latency, throughput and security issues of using public Internet connectivity by forming a Colocated Hybrid Cloud solution.

  • Cost-effective: Direct access to multiple clouds with no usage charges for data traffic means you cut overall networking costs by 30-50%.
  • Fast: Convenient VLAN ordering that takes mere hours.
  • Reliable: 99.999% uptime SLA and guaranteed throughput performance.

Enable the digital future

Being cloud-ready is a key enabler for digitising your business even further. Newly formed digital value chains need integration of a wider set of partners into your enterprise IT. In our facilities you’ll find communities of interest – partners of choice you can seamlessly interconnect with to enhance the value of your digital business.

  • Cost-effective: Direct access to business partners via our pre-cabled in-house cabling system. No external WAN charges, no usage-related fees.
  • Fast: Convenient Cross Connect ordering with 24 hours delivery time.
  • Reliable: A 99.999% uptime SLA and redundant cabling options.

Frankfurt – The Hub for Cloud and Connectivity


Our Frankfurt campus is a perfect example of and the value we can bring to your business. It is the first data centre campus in Germany where organisations can gain direct access to Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Any organisation looking for a way to interconnect with both of these two leading cloud providers has to consider our Frankfurt campus as a unique solution.


We are extremely satisfied with Interxion. They live up to their promised service level agreements, and our applications are delivering high performance and reliability.