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Call us on +800 00 999 222 to find out what value Interxion can deliver to your business 

Call us on +800 00 999 222

Call us on +800 00 999 222

Transform connectivity and datacenter costs

Using Interxion’s hyper-connected colocation model, remote connections can be replaced by channel speed local connections at minimal cost. Local fibre connections, together with our proprietary Cloud Connect service, give you the chance to deliver transformational performance, latency and cost benefits.

Securely Interconnect with the cloud

Deliver hybrid in a uniquely secure architecture.  Our Cloud Connect service interconnects you directly with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services meaning you can build without compromising your clients’ physical security perimeter.

Client infrastructure can be physically isolated in the data centre, delivering a high level of control over physical access paths that can compromise an overall cyber security approach

Collaborative partnership model for SIs

Interxion values our relationships with service providers very highly. We have therefore evolved a unique business model that is designed to help drive profitable business for you, and successful outcomes for your clients. Some examples of ways that this model can help you are:

  • Dedicated support for account, pursuit and solution teams
  • Commercial models that deliver the services that you need, when you need them, without onerous contractual commitments
  • Confidentiality and service level guarantees

Featured Data Centre - Copenhagen


Denmark is a true Nordic hub and is recognised as one of the best countries in the world to set up and conduct business. And, due to the presence of so many international fibres in Copenhagen, 80% of Europe’s GDP can be reached within just 30 milliseconds.


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