Cross Connects

When you colocate with us you can minimise networking costs, significantly reduce latency and improve application performance by using our portfolio of Cross Connects.

We provide a wide range of direct connectivity options (fibre, UTP/STP or coax) at competitive prices to meet your business needs.

Our engineers install and manage the connections which run through a centralised and secure Meet-Me Room. These enable our customers to do business with each other with minimal latency.

  • Comprehensive portfolio for connecting within your own data centre, or another data centre within your campus
  • Precabling to the Meet Me Room comes standard with initial space and power order
  • Multiple media types supported including fibre, coax or twisted pair
  • Customer Equipment Connection available to authorize Interxion to connect your equipment to your customer space patch panel

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Quick Installation

Interxion provides competitive SLAs for installation timelines



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 Access all your connectivity providers from within the same campus

Interconnectivity is critical for our customers, together with that paramount element that guarantees quality of service and gives them the peace of mind to sell confidently to their customers - low latency.