Why Interxion?

Unparalleled operations and connectivity.

We’re led by innovators in data centre design and operations and over the years many of our practices have become standard across the industry. Rest assured. Your infrastructure is safe in our facilities.


Colocate with the clouds

We provide the ideal environment for connecting to the cloud and building your hybrid solutions. All the ingredients are there: the hyperscale public clouds, local cloud providers, network density, and interconnection services.


Interconnect with your community

Our customers understand the value of a millisecond. They’re the organisations running real time applications – the social networks, the live streamers, the high frequency traders. But to achieve this, they need direct access to a connected community. That’s what we provide. We interconnect them with each other and with their partners, suppliers and customers.


Extend your reach into new markets

Wherever you invest with us, you’ll have the right connectivity for your business.

Our data centres are gateways to emerging markets and landing stations for major continental subsea cables. Interxion is the platform for extending your reach into new domestic, regional and international markets.


Reduce your carbon footprint

100% of our energy is from renewable sources. We’ve pioneered energy-saving designs and harnessed everything from arctic winds to underground aquifers to the Baltic Sea to reduce our carbon footprint.