Control Hub

Implement Hybrid IT Controls

Managing and protecting data has become top of mind for Enterprise CIOs, as data continues to become one of their most treasured assets. Navigating data sovereignty concerns, mitigating cyber-attacks, and establishing consistent policy enforcement across a global IT infrastructure forces IT leaders to adopt a new security management architecture.

  • Localized security and infrastructure controls at global points of business presence
  • Standardized policies for data management across the entire IT infrastructure
  • Trusted environment for mission-critical application support

Digital Realty’s solution enhances security and infrastructure management by deploying and interconnecting controls to enable secure centers of data exchange to scale digital business.

Key Benefits

Reduzierung der IT-Schwachstellen

Reduce IT vulnerability points

Verbesserung der Sicherheitssituation

Improve security posture

Implementierung von hybriden IT-Kontrollpunkten

Implement Hybrid IT controls points

Vereinfachung der Infrastrukturverwaltung

Simplify infrastructure management

Einsatz von Telemetrie/Anwendung von Richtlinien an Zugangs-/Abgangspunkten

Deploy telemetry/apply policy at points of ingress/egress

Reduzierung der betrieblichen Komplexität

Reduce operational complexity

Implement Control Hubs on PlatformDIGITAL®



Host IT and Security controls and enable policy enforcement



Deploy tailored infrastructure footprints to accommodate security, telemetry and logging infrastructure configurations

Global Infrastructure


Operate deployments as one seamless, secure global data center infrastructure


  • Secure colocation for security and telemetry footprint (expandable)
  • Private direct interconnection to clouds, carriers, and partners
  • Global access to operational environment via portal/APIs
  • Streamlined contracting vehicle for multi-site deployments
  • Cabinet installation and remote hands services
  • Industry Standard Compliance
  • Discounted pricing for starter kit configuration



Availability Map

Availability Map
Availability Map