New subsea cables reposition the Nordics' interconnecting landscape

Over the past five years the data centre industry has been developing fast in the Nordic region, primarily due to the arrival of several global hyperscale data centres in both Denmark and Sweden. Thanks to the new generation of subsea cable systems, interconnecting the Nordics’ to the U.S. and the rest of Europe, the digital future is looking even more bright in the Nordics.

This September, the first subsea cable connecting Denmark to the U.S. in nearly two decades will be brought into service by Aqua Comms, complementing their existing transatlantic cable and deliver on its vision of creating a “North Atlantic Loop” - A resilient dual-path network across the Atlantic.

We have asked Mike Hollands, Director for Market Development & Strategy at Interxion about what impact the new subsea cable systems planned in the Nordics have on the region’s interconnection landscape?

“The submarine cable market is currently very active globally, and the Nordics is no exception. The region is benefiting from investment by innovative subsea cable operators who are delivering projects within the region, and also ones that improve the connectivity between the Nordics and wider international markets” says Mike Hollands, Director, Market Development & Strategy, Interxion.

New investments build strong foundation for international business

“Within the Nordic region, new projects include Eastern Light that has connected Helsinki and Stockholm, while the Skagenfiber cable plans to link Norway and Denmark. Internationally, Aqua Comms will connect Denmark to the US and the UK via two new high capacity cables that will go live before the end of 2019. These projects will provide network operators and content providers based in the Nordics with options to improve the speed of their networks as well as enhance their resiliency. These investments are maturing the interconnection landscape and creating a strong foundation for further international investment in the region” says Mike Hollands, Director, Market Development & Strategy, Interxion.

In Denmark, Interxion is pleased to expand the collaboration with Aqua Comms, which will extend the AEC-2 transatlantic cable to Interxion’s datacentre in Copenhagen. The system will more than double the fibre connectivity to Denmark, increasing the diversity and reliability of the Internet to the region. This will be of great value for Interxion customers, who find international capacity on diverse, modern and resilient routes of great importance. The new connection will enhance Interxion’s role as a gateway to the Nordic region.