Optimize Manufacturing Data Exchange to plan for supply chain disruptions, expanding operations or markets, and joint ventures.


Data is the Center of Your Global Operation.

Through 2024, global 2000 (defined by Forbes’ annual ranking of the world’s 2000 largest public companies) Manufacturers will face an acceleration of Data Gravity intensity which is expected to increase by a compound annual growth rate of 144% globally1.

This explosion in data growth is coming from the need to participate in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), to compete with direct-to-consumer services, and to design for supply chain transparency. All these applications result in an increase in the number of data sources participating in the Manufacturing Data Exchanges.

To solve for Data Gravity, the IIoT ecosystem must operate ubiquitously and on-demand. And real-time intelligence will be used to change how Manufacturing companies create and deliver value to best serve customers, partners, and employees across channels at multiple points of business presence.

How We Enable Manufacturing Centers of Data Exchange


Secure, compliant data centers across 50+ metros


High-performance networks across the globe


100% renewable coverage for US colocation and European portfolios

Developed by expert Solutions Architects, the Optimizing Manufacturing Data Exchange PDx™ Solution Toolkit includes:

Turn your manufacturing data into a competitive edge.

  1. Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx™) Solution Brief
    • A codified strategy and solution approach to data-driven digital transformation
  2. Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx™) Blueprint
    • Three-step integration and hosting solution process to achieve target state architecture
  3. Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx™) Design Guide
    • Plan, identify, map and deploy methodology that shows real value impact



Industrie 4.0 Journey Towards a Digital Society


Complimentary Gartner® report, 5 Principles to Navigate the Industrie 4.0 Journey Toward a Digital Society, to help Manufacturing leaders navigate the maze of compliance, complexity, and growth.



Rethinking Smart Manufacturing on a Sustainable and Global Platform

The Smart Factory is bearing the weight of supply chain vulnerability, inflation, and talent scarcity. Digital Realty believes that we have a global responsibility to prioritize ESG for the betterment of our customers, investors, partners, employees, and the communities we operate in.


Smarter Data Architecture in M&A



Smart Factories now have to adapt by changing how they create and deliver value for their customers and partners. This is moving them towards new offerings and globalization that can bring new opportunities.


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