IT Challenges in the mobile community

The growing demand for mobile services across sectors ranging from media and entertainment to retail and financial services raises both commercial opportunities and IT challenges.

Based on research conducted by FirstPartner with mobile-centric service providers and network operators, this white paper reviews the challenges facing CTOs in the mobile community. We examine the importance of latency, and therefore connectivity, for businesses serving a global customer base with real-time services. We look at the different attitudes of early-stage and more mature companies to the use of public cloud services.

We believe that members of the mobile community may be missing a significant opportunity to optimise connectivity, reduce costs and improve flexibility by colocating infrastructure in carrier-neutral data centres.

In this whitepaper we explore some of the following themes:

  • The rush to mobile
  • The multiple challenges facing CTOs
  • Common mitigation strategies
  • Balancing demands: the potential of carrier-neutral data centres
  • The way forward for mobile-centric organisations

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