The rise of hybrid IT

Business is changing fast and IT strategies are keeping pace with those changes. In this survey we set out to discover how European enterprise IT decision-makers currently run IT, their likely evolutions and what is driving these decisions.

The hybrid approach promises a “best of both worlds” answer to the conundrum of modern information management with options that be aligned to specific tasks.

In this survey we discover that

  • IT deployment models are changing
  • Firms and Workloads are headed for Hybrid approaches
  • Security and Governance lead reasons for keeping workloads on-premise
  • Organisational change is the main catalyst for outsourcing data centres
  • PaaS is gaining traction
  • Enterprise are going direct to connect to data centres to Cloud
  • Security is the biggest fear over cloud connectivity
  • Cloud providers are most-used advisors on infrastructure strategy
  • Thinking on cloud is more conservative that you might imagine
  • Big firms must deal with IT legacy

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